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We’re constantly striving to improve client experiences with our products, whether with ticketing or advertising. In order to better help you, we’ve recently launched an advanced Google Analytics reporting program so that you can effectively measure the value of clubZone and ticketZone campaigns.

This new feature allows you to clearly see how your hard earned money is being put to work and how beneficial clubZone can be in driving visitors to your event and venue pages.

How Google Analytics Works For You

While the Google Analytics reporting option is free for anyone to use, we now provide our featured clients with a concise monthly email report highlighting:

  • Which of your pages are receiving the most traffic.
  • Photo galleries, events, venues, guest list, etc.
  • What search terms have led users to your pages.
  • Where visitors are clicking for more information on your pages.
  • The geographical location of site visitors.
  • How visitors are accessing your pages
  • iPhone app, mobile, computer, etc.

And much more!


In addition to receiving these automated reports, you can login to your Google Analytics profile and comb through the data on your own. We’re also happy to help our clients understand what all the numbers mean and find creative ways to increase the value of their advertising packages.

If you have any additional questions about this new program, please feel free to reach out to our Account Management team at We are excited to share the many benefits of Google Analytics with you.

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