How To Measure Web Traffic Trends and Statistics


Having trouble gauging if your event marketing campaign is successful? myZone can help you gain insight into your campaigns with Google Analytics and Adwords integrations.

Although you can set up these tools on your own, the MyZone team takes it a step further by releasing relevant data reports that matter most to you. Plus, we can help you close in on your competition more efficiently by helping you overcome your weaknesses. With powerful web analysis tools, you can track web traffic trends, predict sales, and use data to close customers based on their habits and interests. All of these elements together will boost your online sales exponentially.

What we’ll help you track

  • Visits — We can help you boost your overall number of visitors by explaining your SEO results and where your optimization efforts can improve.

  • Bounce rate — If we notice visitors are leaving your site in droves before they reach the checkout (usually above 50-60%), we can help you narrow down the problem (site design, cart error, misleading content, etc.)

  • Time spent on site — How long your visitors are staying on the site will determine if your content is engaging enough to keep them there from the beginning through checkout. The longer visitors spend on your site (optimal time is 2 to 3 minutes), the more likely they are to purchase tickets.

  • Traffic sources — Learning where your website traffic is coming from will help you determine exactly where your campaign is/isn’t working. It’ll save you the guesswork on initiatives such as ad placement on social media (potentially saving you money, as well).

  • Content overview — We can help you learn which pages on your site are most effective (high traffic) and least effective (low traffic), with ways to overcome low traffic volume.

Make a difference in your event marketing campaign

Beat your competitors by understanding how to make your event more attractive online to visitors. By understanding your data, you’ll eventually develop a robust event marketing campaign that is foolproof.

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